About A.R.T.4u
About A.R.T.4u

Amazon Rainforest Tours 4u is a part of Fairtravel4u. We from Fairtravel4u started this separate website to fill in a need. We learned about this need while dealing with questions from our customers. These were questions about the different tours we offer to visit the western part of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. We then found out that there exist almost no other travel agencies that offer jungle tours in all three of these countries and that it was not easy to compare the differences in these tours.
Because it is difficult to just compare our own experiences and impression with that of someone else, we contacted some experienced people. We compared experiences from different travelers who went to the jungle and invested our time in putting this website together.

We hope that the information and tours on this website can help you in the best way to find a jungle tour in the Amazon rainforest that fits the best with your wishes.

We wish you a good journey and a great experience.
Martijn Steijn General Manager
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