Amazon Rainforest Tours
Amazon Rainforest Tours

iquitos sunset tourWe can book many different tours for you through the Amazon rainforest, but to make it a bit easier for you to make a choice we would like to offer you a selection of our recommendable Amazon jungle tour options.
Most of these tours have complete flexible departure dates which only depend on the amount of bookings and the un-predictable local weather conditions at the time.
In our opinion these tours offer you good value and fun for your money, but we understand that every person is different and some people might have other interests. Please let us know:   if you can't find a tour of your interest and or if you have very special wishes for your stay in the jungle. For example if you want to celebrate your honeymoon in the Amazon.
Before booking a jungle tour through the Amazon jungle we also recommend you check our information about the different National Reserves in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. You can find this information at: Amazon Jungle Information

If you are interested in volunteer work, visiting the Galapagon Islands, or just seeing more of Peru, Ecuador or Bolivia, please check our tour options at: Fairtravel4u Realistic Tours 


Machu Picchu and Amazon Tour!
7 days
6 Nights - The price of 850 US$ is p.p. with min. 2 participants. The price is exclusive flights. Visit not only Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sagred Valley while traveling to Peru, but enjoy also the magnificent Amazon Rainforest during this special tour combination!
Hakuna Matata Adventures Wildlife Tour!
9 days
8 Nights -  The price from 1020 US$ p.p. is exclusive transport to and from the lodge.This unique and adventures tour combines two different regions of the Amazon Jungle. You will be able to explore the rainforest areas close to the Andes and inside the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and along the way you will also visit the impressive San Rafael Waterfall!
Explore El Dorado and the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Reserve!
10 days
9 Nights, price starts from 1275,- US$ p.p. exclusive flights. Travel like a real explorer deep into the Amazon Rainforest. During this unique and adventures tour you will navigate all the way to Laguna El Dorado, located in the heart of the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Reserve! Along the way you will sleep in tents and rustic shelters, managed by local communities who still live in and from the Amazon.
Hakuna Matata Adventurous Jungle Tour!
4 days
3 Nights -  The price from 440 US$ p.p. is exclusive transport to and from the lodge. This expedition through the higher Amazon rainforest is for all the bold, brave, fearless, energetic and venturous people out there! During this adventures tour you will hike down the Jondachi-Canyon, explore caves in the Amazonian lowland and conquer the rapids of the Jatunyacu River.
Tambopata, Chimbadas La Torre lake tour
4 days
3 Nights Chimbadas and La Torre, from 350,- US$ p.p., excl. flights: The “Tres Chimbadas and La Torre Lakes” program is one of the basic Inotawa Shelter programs. These are all programs that visit sites close to Inotawa and that will able you to learn more about different ecosystems such as Mauritia palm swamps, primary forest with rubber trees and Brazil nut harvesting areas.
Iquitos Delfin Rosado Tour
8 days
7 Nights, price from 875,- US$ p.p. exclusive flights: Come and visit our rustic Eco Lodge in the middle of the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Reserve at 220 km from Iquitos, there where the real adventure begins!
Bike into the Amazon!
22 days
21 Nights - The price from 3295 US$ p.p. is based on min. 2 persons booking, excl. international flights. Start with the scenic Andes views and bike from the snowcapped mountains into the Amazon Jungle! Continue further down the river by Canoe and then challenge yourself and the jungle spirits by hiking even deeper into the Amazon Rainforest. Important note: For safety reasons this tour can only be done outside of the raining, so only from April 5 until the 13th of December, 2015.
Explore the deeper Amazon and visit Lagartococha
7 days
6 Nights - The price from 765 US$ p.p. is based on min. 2 persons sharing a room, excl. flights. Feel like a real explorer, while navigating along small creeks, deep into the Amazon Rainforest where very few tourists have ever been.If you think that there is nothing left to be discovered in the modern world then it is time to try this new adventures tour from the Nicky Lodge.During this unique tour we have the opportunity to camp in the different places deep into the Cuyabeno Reserve. The tour goes to upper and lower parts of the reserve, navigating along the Cuyabeno & Aguarico rivers until the border with Peru, were we will explore the mysterious Lagartococha Lakes.
Colorful adventure tour in the Tambopata Amazon Reserve!
5 days
4 Nights, price from 790 US$ p.p., exclusive flights. This is a new tour from Fairtravel4u and Wasaí Expeditions will offer a genuine rainforest wilderness experience and an excellent opportunity to see some of the wildlife that Tambopata is famous for. This complete program combines the comfort of beautiful lodges, with the experience of spending a night camping in the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.
Madidi Tacuaral group service
3 days
2 Nights - The price from: 300 US$ p.p. is in shared service, excl. flights or transport by bus to Rurrenabaque - This Tacuaral tour can give you a good impression of the Madidi National Reserve in Bolivia.
The Cuyabeno Lodge, Amazon Tour
5 days
4 Nights - Price from 495,- US$ p.p., exclusive flights. According to Tripadvisor, in 2013 the Cuyabeno Lodge was/is the best Amazon Rainforest lodge in Ecuador! If this isn’t enough reason for you to book an Amazon tour to the Cuyabeno Lodge, then please read below about the other advantages.
Pampas basic 3d- Group service
3 days
2 Nights - The price from: 255 US$ p.p. is in shared service, excl. flights or transport by bus to Rurrenabaque - This is a very basic, but also a fun and adventures tour through the Pampas of Bolivia.
Ecological Ecuador Tour!
14 days
13 Nights, price from 2400 US$ p.p., excl. flights. This is a very special tour combination trough Ecuador. During this special tour your will not only travel to into the amazing Amazon Rainforest, but also visit the unique Galapagos Islands!
Adventures tour to Manu Biosphere Reserve and Blanquillo!
8 days
7 Nights - The price from 1665 US$ p.p. is based on min. 2 persons sharing a room, excl. flights. The departure of this tour into the Amazon can already be confirmed with min. two participants. A healthy population of wildlife combined largely unpaved scenic roads, trails and rivers, passing cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, and precipices. Manu is truly a complete experience that any tourist will remember for a lifetime!  
The Amazon Tambopata Research Center
5 days
4 Nights - The price from: 1050 US$ p.p. is excl. flights. Tambopata Research Centre, a very interesting tour deep in the restricted area of the Tambopata National Reserve. There are also options for researchers, bird watchers and other people with big interest for nature to book a very special tour in Tambopata.
The Madidi Amazon Challange!
6 days
5 Nights - The price from: 550 US$ p.p. is for a private tour, starting with only two persons. The price is excl. flights or transport by bus to Rurrenabaque - The Madidi Chalange, includes camping in the Amazon jungle and is a great and very adventures tour through the Madidi national Reserve in Bolivia. Book this tour and Challenge the spirits of the Amazon and challenge yourself!
Amazon expedition from Iquitos to Pacaya Samira Reserve
6 days
5 Nights - The price from 895 US$ p.p. is based on 2 persons booking, excl. flights - Explore the Amazon rainforest of Iquitos and join an expedition into the Pacaya Samira National Reserve. This is a unique combination of adventure, camping and comfort within the natural surroundings of the Amazon Jungle!
A Manu Tour deep into the Reserved Zone
9 days
8 Nights - Price from: 1670 US$ p.p. - Inclusive all transport!- Manu Reserved Zone, explore the cloud and rainforest of the Manu Biosphere in Peru. Note 1:This tour leaves ONLY on Wednesdays. Note 2:because the long distance to drive and the expensive flights, we have chosen to only show you the (in our opinion) best value for price tours. These are a bit longer and leave from Cusco to Manu and back with shared tourist busses. Therefore most tours depart on a fixed day during the week.
Amazon Jungle Tours to Madidi and Chalalan
4 days
3 Nights- Price from: 560 US$ p.p. is excl. flights or transport by bus to Rurrenabaque - Visit the well known Chalalan lodge on this good value for money tour and use this lodge as a base to Explore the Madidi Rainforest of Bolivia. Ther are also options for 5 and 6 days tours.
5 Days paddling in the Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve
5 days
4 Nights - Price around: 400 US$ p.p.   excl, or incl. flights or transport by bus to Lago Agrio - 5 Days paddling in the Cuyabeno Reserve, is a more adventures and original tour, because most of the canoes used during this tour do not have a motor. This way there will be less noise and disturbing for the wildlife in the Cuyabeno National Reserve in Ecuador, which increases your possibilities to spot them. Note: this tour has fixed departure dates.
Paddling and camping in the Amazon.
8 days
7 Nights - Price from: 920 US$ p.p.   excl. flights or transport by bus (8h) to Lago Agrio - Paddling in the Amazon, this is an adventures and very original tour, because most of the canoes used during this tour do not have a motor. This way there will be less noise and disturbing for the wildlife in the Cuyabeno National Reserve in Ecuador. Less noice makes your jungle experience more natural and increases the possibilities to spot wildlife. The tour also includes camping in the jungle. Note: this tour has fixed departure dates. Ask us for actual updates on departure times and prices.
Cuyabeno the adventures tour!
5 days
4 Nights - Price from 340 US$ p.p. -> This adventures tour brings you into the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, situated in the north-eastern Amazon region of Ecuador. The reserve is made up of 605,000 hectares of primary forest, rivers and lakes, and is home to an incredible variety of Flora and Fauna, including many bird and monkey species and even 2 species of fresh water dolphin.In this reserve also live five different ethnic groups: the Siona, Secoya, Cofán, Kichwas and Shuar, each of which has its own culture and language.
Explore's Inn Tambopata National Reserve
4 days
3 Nights- Price from: 575 US$ p.p. - excl. flights.  Explore's Inn Lodge is a good value for money tour in the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru. The Lodge is located right within the 274,690-hectare Tambopata National Reserve, one of the world’s most species-rich biodiverse natural protected areas and the meeting point of three distinct biomes: lowland tropical rainforest, cloudforest and humid tropical savannah and extensive palm swamps. The scene of numerous biodiversity world records:The Explorer’s Inn is the only lodge which is mentioned in the famous Guinness Record Book Due to its significant World Records: 601 Bird Species and 1237 butterflies, etc.
Galapagos, Amazon Jungle and Volunteer work
44 days
43 Nights - Price from 3100 US$ p.p. -> During the first two weeks you travel through some of the most beautiful natural areas of Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest. After you've seen the amazing Ecuadorian wildlife in its natural environment you will join the experienced team of Merazonia and get the chance to help the less fortunate animals that were taken away out of their natural environment to serve as pets, often in small cages, or on a short chain... By the time these animals arrive in Merazonia unfortunately most of them already are too injured or imprinted to be released back into the wild. Part of your job will be to feed these animals, clean their cages, treat them well and give them a chance to live as naturally and comfortably as possible within the protected environment of Merazonia. For the animals that might still be capable to survive on their own in the jungle, you could help with rehabilitating and developing release programs, which are different for each animal. More information about Merazonia you can find on their own website:
Jamu lodge, 5 days in the Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve.
5 days
4 Nights - Price from: 415 US$ p.p. (2018) excl. flights or transport by bus to Lago Agrio - The Jamu Lodge, a good value for money tour in the Cuyabeno National Reserve in Ecuador (optional to extend the tour with one day!)JAMU LODGE is located 15 min from the Laguna Grande, on the banks of the Cuyabeno River, in the Cuyabeno Reserve. Jamu is in the perfect location to view the protected forest of Cuyabeno which is flooded with wildlife; you can also swim in the Laguna Grande. A stay at the Jamu Lodge offers a continuous possibility of activities. The lodge offers 5 cabañas that can accommodation up to 40 people, each cabaña is built in a traditional rustic style with thatched roofs, and is lit naturally with candles in order to maintain the experience of the jungle.
A private Madidi, Beni Jungle Tacuaral tour
4 days
3 Nights - The price from: 480 US$ p.p. is excl. flights. Already with 2 people this Beni/Tacuaral Tour becomes a private tour with your own personal guide through the Madidi Reserve in Bolivia.
A basic Iquitos and Pacaya Samiria Tour
6 days
5 Nights - Price from 525 US$ p.p., based on 2 persons booking, excl. flights - Iquitos, the real jungle adventure. This Amazon tour offers a basic, but great jungle experience deep in the protected national Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
An Iquitos, Amazon Jungle experience
5 days
4 Nights - The price from: 395 US$ p.p. is excl. flights. This is a good tour to learn more about Iquitos, the Amazon River and Amazon Jungle. Arrive in Iquitos (La Ciudad Caliente), travel 44 miles into two ecosystems and pass through the “green wall”; learn about the customs and daily activities of native river people.
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