Short selection of Amazon Rainforest lodges in Ecuador

Below I provide a short list with some of the popular lodges in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. The description from each lodge comes from their own website. And I present them in order of price with the cheapest first. This list should make it easier for you to compare their differences. And I hope it makes it easier to find the lodge that suits you best.

Nicky Amazon Lodge

We want to offer the finest exploration in the Rainforest with the Nicky Amazon Lodge. The lodge is located on the Cuyabeno River (lower part of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve). The Nicky lodge has 7 cabins built in the traditional Indian style of the jungle. Each cabin has 2 rooms that can be single, double and triple accommodation, twins, or matrimonial beds with mosquito nets to keep you safe from biting insects. All rooms have private bathrooms with showers. Each cabin has an area where you will be able to relax in the hammocks or sit to observe different species of birds and monkeys. Sit outside of your room and listen to the nocturnal and early morning songs of the Amazon.
Our restaurant, bar and relaxing area are located in the main building. We invite you to try our delicious meals, have a drink in our traditional bar and read some interesting books. Or you can just rest in the hammocks overlooking a small lake. We provide daily nutritious meals during the trip and cater to vegetarians. Purified drinking water and soft drinks such as: coffee, hot chocolate or teas are available all day. Electricity is provided by solar panels for lighting and for recharging batteries 110 AC.
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Jamu Amazon Lodge

Jamu means Armadillo in the indigenous language Siona. The lodge is privately owned and located in the incredible ecosystem of Cuyabeno. Our customers can enjoy all kind of different of activities. We are located along the Cuyabeno River, 15 minutes downstream from the wonderful Laguna Grande. Our Amazon Lodge practices a policy of minimal environmental impact.
Solar panels help us work in the operating areas with a 110wtz capacity.
Our rooms/ cabins have no electricity. But we have electricity in social areas, where you can recharge all kinds of batteries from cameras, smartphones, etc.
In addition, all inorganic material is packaged and taken out of the reserve regularly. Our organic material is used for compost. Also, our bio digesters allow us to maintain the impact of contamination to a minimum. This system uses enzymes and natural bacteria, to treat all wastewater from the lodge.

The Jamu Amazon Lodge has 3 cabins and 2 towers. They’re built in a traditional, rustic style with elevated thatched roofs. The three cabins each have 2 double rooms w/u (beds with mosquito nets), each with its own private baths and shower with hot water. The two towers have 8 double and 2 triple rooms. In a two-story cabin you will find our spacious dining room and relaxing hammock room.
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Siona Amazon Lodge

The Siona Lodge accommodates up to 20 people in four individual guest huts. Each hut has 2 double bedrooms each with its own private bathroom and shower. Our spacious balconies, complete with a hammock and lounge chairs, invite you to relax and enjoy your surroundings!
Our lodge practices a policy of minimum environmental impact. Our solar energy system consumes no electricity from the power grid and is efficient enough to provide the lighting throughout the lodge. We encourage our guests to use natural oil lamps instead of battery powered flashlights. All waste, both organic and inorganic, is bagged and taken out of the reserve regularly. Our bio digesters further allow us to minimalize the impact of soil and water contamination. Bio digester use natural enzymes and bacteria to treat all wastewater coming from the lodge.
We belief in the importance of true eco-tourism. We want to protect the Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve for all who life here and all who want to enjoy its beauty. We try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while at the same time causing a minimum environmental impact.
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Cuyabeno Amazon Lodge

The Cuyabeno Lodge is the first eco-friendly lodge built in the Cuyabeno National Park. We are the pioneers in offering Cuyabeno Amazon tours to visitors from all over the world. We started operating our Cuyabeno Lodge in 1988 with a mission. We believed that the rainforest traveller should be accommodated in conditions harmonious with the surrounding environment. That’s why our lodge is built from ecological materials and fits perfectly in the jungle landscape. We also wanted to make sure that our guests feel comfortable. So you will find clean bathrooms, hot water, great food and a staff that will take care of you!

We offer 7 independent timber constructed cabins (cabañas) with thatched roofs. Each of these cabins provides double accommodation with a tiled private bathroom and hot water showers.
The Lodge facilities comprise a restaurant, a reading and information room and a bar. Electricity is provided by solar energy. Our restaurant serves international dishes, as well as traditional Ecuadorian specialties. We can also cater for special requirements at no additional cost.
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Mandari Panga Yasuni campsite

Mandari Panga is a unique option for your visit to the spectacular Amazon region of Ecuador. We are located in an isolated zone of nearly untouched rainforest within the Yasuni National Park, one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet.
It takes about an hour by motorized canoe from the center of the Mandari Panga community to our campsite. All this time you will navigate along the Tiputini River through nearly untouched rainforest. Only inhabited by the Huaorani.

At Mandari Panga we offer a wide variety of activities to explore the jungle. These activities include trips along the rivers in a paddle canoe, hikes, night walks, and more!
We invite you to enjoy our delicious and distinctive cuisine. Most of our food is prepared with locally grown, traditional products from the Ecuadorian Amazon.  During your stay our local community members dedicated to make you feel comfortable.
Our camp has no electricity, but solar panels provide energy to charge batteries.

Our unique Accommodations

Our accomodation is distinct from any other lodge in the Amazon. Because at Mandari Panga we offer comfortable tents instead of enclosed cabins. We feel that staying in tents offers our clients a better opportunity to truly experience their surroundings. We want our clients to enjoy the jungle sounds, aromas and fresh air without the ‘disturbers’ of a cabin.
Our tents are complete with mattresses and bedding, and are set up on large sheltered platforms. The platforms are complemented with a chair and a hammock for relaxing during your stay. A community house is used for meals and social gathering, and the site has shared bathroom facilities complete with shower. Our accommodations are basic but comfortable. But the experience of your stay will be something unique and special that you’ll never forget!
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Napo Wildlife Center Yasuni

This is a mesmerizing place unlike any other! Our facility is the only one of its kind located within the vibrant heart of one of the most bio diverse ecosystems on our planet. A real paradise for nature lovers!
Leave the city life behind and escape to our eco-community for a life-altering experience you will cherish the rest of your life! Spanning nearly 2.5 million acres of lush Amazonian rainforest, Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
The luxurious Napo Wildlife Center is nestled on a small ridge at the edge of a great jungle lake surrounded by the beautiful Amazon rainforest.

The Napo Wildlife Center consists of 20 double cabins and is a good example eco-tourism project. The community has invested in an environmental and unique system, probably the best and most advanced of the Amazonia. All waste water is processed to maintain the swamps clean.
Our energy is generated by solar panels, industrial batteries and silent generators, which is an efficient system with minimal environmental impacts.

Our lodge is designed for nature lovers who want to experience the Amazon’s unique landscapes and observe breathtaking wildlife.
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More pictures from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador you can find in our gallery.