Short selection of Amazon Rainforest lodges in Peru

Below we provide a short list with some of the popular lodges in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Our list is in order of price with the cheapest lodge first. The description from each lodge comes from their own website. We made this list to make it easier to compare the different Peruvian Amazon lodges. We also hope our list makes it easier for you to find the lodge that suits you best.

Inotawa Amazon Lodge

We are located in the Buffer Zone of the Tambobata National Reserve in Peru. This wildlife reserve is part of the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. Our Amazon Lodge is situated right on the bank of the Tambopata River.
Inotawa Expedition was founded in 1998 with the intention to provide sustainable tourism to the La Torre community. Inotawa is a relative small company with a family atmosphere. We provide our clients not only with amazing excursions into the rainforest, but also with great personalized service. And of course, all of this with a minimum impact on the environment.
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Full Cayman and Dolphin Lodge

The Dolphin Lodge belongs to Ecological Jungle Trips in Iquitos. The accommodation is basic, but there are still private bedrooms and showers with cold water. However, what makes this lodge so special is its location. The Dolphin Lodge is located at 2h 30 minutes from Nauta along the Yarapa River. This location makes it one of the very few lodges right inside the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Reserve. The location of the lodge also makes it a good spot to encounter both the grey and pink fresh water dolphins!
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Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

The first and the largest of Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodge facilities, is located on the Sinchicuy Creek. This creek is a tributary of the Amazon River (45 minutes downriver, NE of Iquitos) near the river community of Santa Maria de Ojeal.
This lodge has been built on high terrain (it never flows) and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The tropical garden provides a great diversity of flowers, birds and butterflies! Found within the spacious “main house” are the lobby, the front desk, the dining-room and bar areas. Right next to the main building, stands the panoramic “round house”. This house is used as a reading-room, gallery and auditorium. Both buildings are connected by an elevated walkway.
Additional to the previously mentioned buildings, our lodge has: a hammock room, an observation deck to the creek, kitchen, storage rooms, laundry, public bathrooms, etc.

The Amazonas Sinchicuy employs sustained water supply and water treatment systems; Environment friendly solid and liquid waste disposal and biodegradables treatment.
Our cooking equipment and food are approved by SFHP (Safe Food Handling Practices). We also have approved fire safety devices and procedures. And our emergency telephone has 24 hours a day connection.

Sinchicuy accommodation

Rooms are located on the opposite side of the “round house” and like-wise connected to the “main house” by an elevated walkway. Most of the 32 rooms are doubles but there are also triple and even quad rooms. All of them have private bathrooms with shower. Rooms and public areas are screen-protected against insect and intruding wildlife.

Tip: the Amazonas Sinchicuy has rooms and specially designed facilities for people with disabilities.
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Explorer's Inn Tambopata Eco Lodge

The Explorer’s Inn Lodge is an award-winning eco-lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Founded in 1975, it was one of the first in Peru to offer visitors the chance to experience the rainforest at first-hand. To this day, Explorer´s Inn Tambopata Eco Lodge continues to offer outstanding opportunities to see Amazonian wildlife!
We’re located 40 miles upriver from the bustling frontier town of Puerto Maldonado inside the Tambopate Reserve. Some scientists regard Tambopata as one of the most bio diverse places on Earth.
Our exact location is a stunning setting at the confluence of the La Torre and Tambopata Rivers. In the surroundings of our lodge world records have been set in finding bird, butterfly and dragonfly biodiversity.

Explorer´s Inn facilities

Our lodge has a total of 70 beds in single, double and triple bedrooms spread out in a series of thatched bungalows. All bungalows/ cabins are built on raised platforms to protect them from flooding. Each bedroom has a porch, mosquito netting, and a private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin.

Our garden contains many fruit trees, native plants and flowers. This makes it an attraction for an assortment of butterflies, birds, insects and mammals. You don’t even have to leave the lodge to spot wildlife!
Our main building is built around a living ironwood tree, known as shihuahuaca. Local people believe this species to be sacred. The main building contains the reception, a dining room and bar.
The Explorer’s Inn even houses a laboratory to enable researching the biodiversity of Tambopata. Over the years these researches have helped to make us famous.
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Wasaí Tambopata Lodge

Our lodge is located in the heart of the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve. We are approximately 50 km away from Puerto Maldonado in a straight line, and approximately 120 km up the river. Wasaí is surrounded by National parks and our private conservation area.

Wasaí Tambopata facilities

Occupancy: up to 50 passengers in 21 lovely cabins made in regional typical style (ie wood with palm roofs, terraces). All rooms with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, terraces with hammocks. Most of them also have river view.
The common areas are composed of two terraces overlooking the Tambopata River. We have hammocks on the upper floor. Beautiful gardens with tropical flowers and fruits. We have a secluded two floor building for different activities such as Yoga, work shops, healing retreats. And the lodge even has a soccer and volleyball field,

Our additional activities include: Amazon adventure circuit (zip line , rope bridges, tri line, floating ropes, fishing, tree climbing) and Canoe and kayak rental
Electricity supply from solar panels is 12 volts 24 hours, 220 volt from 11 am to 5 Pm.
WIFI is limited to staff service, but you can use it if you request it.
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Tambopata Research Center

For travelers passionate about nature and biodiversity, it doesn’t get better, anywhere in the world, then at the Tambopata Research Center!
Our beloved T.R.C. is the only lodge that lies within the protected zone of the Tambopata National Reserve. This makes our lodge one of the most remote lodges in South America! The T.R.C. lodge’s pristine location means it’s surrounded by the best wildlife the Amazon jungle has to offer. There are no human settlements nearby, so it is easier to spot wildlife. Of course you will see macaws and monkeys, but other endangered species might also be spotted. In 2017 one in three guests here even spotted a Jaguar!

Tambopata Research Center facilities

We have electricity in common areas three times per day: From 6hrs to 8hrs – From 12hrs to 14hrs – From 17hrs to 22hrs (referential time)
You will find WIFI at our lodges. Please note internet connection might vary on weather condition and number of guests
Our rooms have beds with mosquito nets, a private bathroom with hot shower and safe deposit box. We also provide eco-friendly toiletries including biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap.
What makes our rooms special is the open wall facing the Amazon rainforest. Go to sleep at night, and awake with the mysterious sounds of the Amazon Rainforest!
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Pantiacolla Amazon Lodge

Pantiacolla is a beautiful and comfortable lodge on the enigmatic frontier between the Andes and the Amazon. We are located right where mountainous and lowland rain forests are within your reach.
Our lodge has 900 hectares of surrounding forest, extending from 350 to 1200m above sea level. Our surrounding is home to 8 species of monkeys. Among these species are the rare Monk Saki Monkey and the only nocturnal monkey on Earth, the Douroucouli. You can find both Collared- and White-Lipped Peccaries roaming the lodge’s extensive trail system. And the area is also home to Coatis, Tayra, several deer species and cats like the Puma, Ocelot and the smaller Margay. The lodge’s bird list is just over 600 species, and you can see an average of 150 species per day.

Pantiacolla facilities

There are 3 bungalows of 2 rooms each with private bathrooms. One bungalow of 3 rooms with private bathrooms and one bungalow of 2 rooms with shared bathrooms.
We use candles for lighting in the rooms; however, we use solar panels for lighting in the lounge and to recharge your batteries.
One of the lodge’s many virtues is to have very few biting insects!
The lounge exhibits many remains of animals found in the forest around Pantiacolla and also ancient pottery. This pottery was brought in by explorers looking for the lost city El Paititi. El Paititi is a lost Inca city that might be located in the Pantiacolla Mountain Range.
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