What to bring on your tour into the Amazon Rainforest

The list of what you should bring with you on your tour into the Amazon depends of course on how long you go, if you stay in a lodge or go camping and on the type of tour you book, etc.

Some (low) budget tours offer limited extras, while more comfortable tours often already provide their clients with towels, rain ponchos and rain boots. However, if you your size is bigger than 44 European size or 11 USA size, then the lodge might not have these sizes available. Please inform your travel agent wit your booking if you have big feet.

A general list of items we recommend you to bring into the rainforest includes:
Canoe tour in Cuyabeno Amazon Rainforest Ecuador– A comfortable day backpack
– Mosquito repellent (with DEET is more effective)
– Long sleeved shirts (cotton or breathable fabric, but not too thin)
– Long lightwieght pants
– T-Shirts
– Cotton socks (long enough to put them over your pants)
– Hiking shoes, ankle high
– Rain gear (rain poncho is good)
– Sweater/ fleece (for Andes and cloud forest)
– Sandals, flip flops, or light shoes to change in the evenings
– Plastic bags for clothes and camera etc.
– Personal toiletry (soap, toilet paper, small towel etc.)
– Cap or Hat
– Sun blocker, sun glasses
– Flashlight, or better a head light (with spare bulb and batteries)
– Water bottle (min. 1,5 liter)
– Rubber boots (provided by ATP, but big sizes might be difficult)
– Passport + copy
– Money (local currency in small bills) for soft drinks, handicrafts and tips
– Camera, extra batteries & charger
– Bathing suit (optional)
– Binoculars (optional)