Adventurous Yasuni Amazon Tour 7d - From $1450 pp

Navigate deep into the Yasuni Amazon Tour

Short Amazon tour itinerary:
Day 1: Coca – Yasuni Amazon Reserve – Mandari Panga Camp
Day 2: Hiking the “Pecary Trail” and spotting anacondas and otters
Day 3: Rio Tiputini and Casa de la Abuela
Day 4: Visit the Yasuni Parrot Clay Lick – kayaking and camping in the rainforest
Day 5: Exploring Huaorani territory and the Anaconda Lagoon
Day 6: Deep Amazon Kayaking Adventure, return to Mandari Panga
Day 7: Mandari Panga – Yasuni – Coca

Note: This tour only starts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Adventurous Yasuni Amazon Tour 7d – From $1450 p.p.

Wild camping in the Yasuni Amazon ReserveDuring this adventurous camping and kayak tour you will be exploring an isolated part of the Yasuni Amazon Reserve in Ecuador. P.N. (Parque Nacional) Yasuni is probably one of the most bio diverse places on Earth! It is at the center of a small zone where amphibian, bird, mammal and vascular plant diversity all reach their maximum levels of diversity within the Western Hemisphere. The Yasuni Amazon reserve consists for the most part of primary rainforest and lies within the claimed ancestral territory of the indigenous Huaorani people. The Amazon Rainforest of Yasuni is also home to a number of isolated indigenous tribes, including the Tagaeri and Taromenane, who still live isolated from the outside world.
This adventurous jungle tour itinerary covers a more authentic experience in the Amazon rainforest of Yasuni. The tour combines canoe trips with kayak tours, sightseeing with hiking and camping on a comfortable campsite with camping on an isolated spot deep in the rainforest. This is the best way to spot exotic wildlife that usually stays away from places with human activity!
Note: This tour only starts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Full itinerary of this Amazon tour:

Mandari Panga Yasuni Amazon campDay 1: Coca – Yasuni Amazon Reserve – Mandari Panga Camp
Upon arrival in Coca (airport or bus terminal), you’ll be met by your local guide. Depending on your arrival time, you’ll have a chance for breakfast (not included) at the “Maitos del Yasuní,” restaurant. This restaurant offers typical Ecuadorian food from the Amazon and is managed by the association Challuwa Mikuna to benefit indigenous women.
From here we start our journey of about an hour and 45 minutes over land until we arrive at the Tiputini River, where, a motorized canoe will be waiting for us. It takes around one and a half hour to navigate along the Tiputini River deeper and deeper into the Amazon Rainforest of the Yasuni Reserve. Romantic camping in the Yasuni Amazon tourThe river goes through a quiet part of the rainforest, so there is a good chance to spot wildlife on the shores and in the tree-line.
When we arrive at the camp, you will have time to get to know the facilities and settle into your tent. Then it is time to enjoy a welcome drink and a delicious lunch in the main house.
In the afternoon, we’ll cross to the other side of the Yitsu Yacu River for a walk of approximately 2 hours. We’ll finish the afternoon while enjoying the sunset onboard our motorized canoe. Upon arriving back at our camp a delicious dinner will be served by candlelight.

Otter in the AmazonDay 2: Hiking the “Pecary Trail” and spotting anacondas and otters
6:30 Am – After an early breakfast, we will use a traditional canoe to cross to the other side of the Tiputini River, from where we start our jungle hike. We will hike for approximately 4 hours along a loop trail passing through spectacular virgin jungle. The trail brings us to a lagoon that is home to several anacondas! With luck, you will be able to see this impressive reptile that is so characteristic of the Amazon. Lunch is back at the campsite. After lunch you have time to relax in one of the hammocks, walk around the campsite and/or go for a swim in a tranquil tributary of the Tiputini River.
Later in the afternoon, we’ll enjoy a pleasant canoe trip in the Pishña lagoon (giant otter oxbow lagoon) for about 2 hours. This black water lagoon is a fascinating ecosystem and home to unique species of flora and fauna, including the otter. We will wait for sunset at the lagoon and then return to the campsite for dinner.

Wooler monkey in the Amazon rainforestDay 3: Rio Tiputini and Casa de la Abuela
Today we will wake up very early for a trip along the Tiputini River in a traditional wooden canoe. Breakfast will be on board of our canoe while we enjoy a beautiful sunrise! During our early canoe tour through the rainforest of Yasuni we should be able to observe a wide variety of wildlife, from diverse bird species to monkeys, river otters, river dolphins and much more! We’ll be back at the camp around 11:30 am. Enough time for a swim before lunch.
After lunch we have some time to relax and let our food digest. Around 15:30h we’ll depart in our motorized canoe towards Casa de la Abuela (Grandmother’s House). The house is built in a traditional way, on top of a hill and is home to the founders of the Mandari Panga community. At their home we will learn more about living in the Amazon Rainforest and how to make chocolate in a traditional way. Of course you can also taste it. We will stay at Casa de la Abuela until sunset, so we can enjoy a spectacular sunset looking from the hilltop over the Amazon Rainforest! In the twilight zone of the evening we’ll return to our camp for a delicious dinner. In the evening we can make a short hike along the Tucán Trail surrounding the Mandari Panga campsite. During this hike we have a good chance to spot colorful frogs, snakes and maybe even a curious capybara.

Parrot clay-lick Yasuni Amazon TourDay 4: Visit the Yasuni Parrot Clay Lick – kayaking and camping in the rainforest
After breakfast, we’ll travel by canoe to a small river named Rumiyacu. From the shore of this river starts a trail through lush rainforest that brings us to a mineral rich clay-wand. Along the trail it is important to keep your eyes and ears wide open, because there is a good chance to encounter monkeys, capybaras and many different bird species. The clay-wand is a popular spot for various colorful parrot species to eat the minerals. For this reason it is also called a “Parrot Clay Lick”. After enjoying after enjoying a colorful and musical spectacle at the Clay Lick we hike and kayak back to our camp for lunch.
Around 15:00h, we’ll kayak down the Tiputini River. After a few hours we will stop on a river beach to prepare our new camp for the night. While the cook and the captain of the canoe set up the camp, you and your guide will try to catch our dinner. With a fishing rod we will try to catch some of the typical freshwater species, including piranhas and catfish. Our experienced cook will prepare our catch.

Indigenous Huarani hunter in Yasuni EcuadorDay 5: Exploring Huaorani territory and the Anaconda Lagoon
After an early jungle breakfast, we will be joined by an indigenous guide from the nearby local Huaorani community. With his experience and trained senses it will be easier to spot wildlife. After thanking our local guide, we step into our canoe to navigate for a few hours down the Tiputini River. For lunch we have a picnic on the shore of the river. In the afternoon we continue to navigate deeper and deeper into the Yasuni Amazon Rainforest. Along the way there is also a chance to use the kayas to navigate some of the small tributaries of the Tiputini River. The whole journey is a great opportunity to spot shy wildlife like different species of monkeys and maybe even a wild cat like ocelot or puma drinking at the shores of the rivers and streams. Just before sunset we will set up our camp deep in the jungle.

Ocelot in the Amazon RainforestDay 6: Deep Amazon Kayaking Adventure, return to Mandari Panga
After another early breakfast in the jungle, we step in our kayaks to paddle further down the Tiputini River. We will kayak for two or three hours deep into the mystical Amazon Rainforest of Yasuni in search for shy wildlife. Around noon we return back to our improvised campsite. While we were gone, our cook and captain cleaned the campsite se we are ready to step in the motorized canoe for our return to the Mandari Panga camp. To save time we will lunch in our canoe. Before we reach this camp we will stop at a river beach to stretch our legs and walk the last bit to Mandari Panga. Walking through the rainforest at the Golden Hour is a very good opportunity to spot wildlife, including bird, monkeys, capybaras, pacas, snakes, frogs and more. After sunset we will enjoy our last delicious Amazonia dinner.

squirrel monkey in Amazon EcuadorDay 7: Mandari Panga – Yasuni – Coca
The time of our early breakfast will depend on the departure time of the flights from Coca. After breakfast it is time to say goodbye to Mandari Panga and step in the motorized canoe. The journey upstream takes an hour and a half. During this relaxing trip, you can enjoy one more time the beauty of the flora and fauna in the Yasuni Amazon rainforest. At the shores of the river our car or bus will be waiting for you bring you in another hour and a half back to Coca (arrival between 10:00 and 11:00 am). In Coca you’ll be dropped off at the airport, or the bus terminal for your return to Quito or to travel to your next destination.

Kayak Yasuni Amazon TourNote: This is a referential program and there may be modifications or adjustments according to different
situations like weather, season or physic conditions. p.m.

Inclusive in this Amazon Tour:
– Transportation Coca – Mandari Panga – Coca
– Bilingual and native guide
– Accommodation in tents complete with mattress and bedding
– Use of rubber boots for hikes, life jacket for canoe travel
– Three meals a day (starting with lunch on the first day through breakfast on the final day)
– Purified water

Not included in this Adventurous Yasuni Amazon tour:
– Transportation Quito – Coca – Quito
– Additional beverages and snacks; extra meals in Coca before and after the tour
– Rain ponchos (can be purchased in Coca before the tour if needed; highly recommended for adequate protection from heavy Amazon rains)
– Tips
– Personal Expenses
– Travel insurance

Recommended items to bring on this tour into the Amazon:
• Comfortable loose Clothing
• 4 T-shirt and 2 pair of shorts
• Long-Sleeve shirts and long pants for walking/ against mosquitos
• Warm jacket for the nights
• Good hiking shoes
• Bathing Suit and towel
• Sun Glasses and a hat
• Sandals
• Personal things
• Sun Block
• Insect Repellent
• Head light/ flashlight with extra batteries
• Good camera with extra batteries and memory
• Original Passport + copy
• Plastic bags to protect your things from the humidity
• Pocket money for tips and personal spending during the tour
• Binoculars
• Biodegradable soap